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"I used to be a' foodie' and now I am a "foodist'"

Welcome to my health and wellbeing blog.

I’m not a raw foodist by choice. I was recently diagnosed as having a complicated autoimmune condition including severe Histamine Intolerance and a form of reactive arthritis. I have become hypersensitive to high histamine foods, pollen, dust and some everyday chemicals. My condition affects every area of my life.

I have Mast Cell Activation Disease (MCAD).

I was prescribed a low histamine diet and then a raw food diet to ease my symptoms and over the past 2 years I have overcome my reluctance to a new way of eating and living. I have been experimenting to combine the two diets and I have been learning how to eat a diet comprising mainly of low histamine raw fruit and vegetables and how to change the habits of a life time.

I am starting to feel healthier than I have ever been before. I have also lost 35 lbs in weight.

I will be sharing with you how I got here and I'll be exploring low histamine raw recipes, natural beauty products, how to cope with being "allergic to everything" and generally how to regain health and fitness and live life to the full despite my unusual condition!

Please feel free to message me with any suggestions, questions, or comments. I'd love to hear from you!

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As you know my mum has dementia and my husband has had 3 strokes and I organise the care for them both, so I am reading this for them as well as for me :)). Ruth Heidrich PhD is such an inspiration to me as she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 47, had a mastectomy and found that it had spread.  She decided after doing some research not to have chemo but to join a programme that meant she had radically to change her diet overnight. She went plant based/vegan at the time and for the last few years she has been a raw foodist.

She is now in her 70s and has won more than 900 athletic trophies and medals. She still has the bone density of a woman in her early 30’s and a resting heart rate of 44. She has been free of cancer for 20 + years.  


Dr Ruth Heidrich  - An amazing raw vegan athlete now in her 70s and still competing/ running marathons.

Breast cancer survivor in her 40s, ex arthritis, 6 time Ironman triathlon finisher, runner, 900+ gold medals,

Long term ( 25 years +) whole food vegan and she has been a raw foodist (low fat high fruit and veg) for the last 10 years or so I think.  She turned vegan overnight when diagnosed with breast cancer on the advice of her doctor. 

She talks here about her about her athletic career, her recovery from breast cancer using a vegan diet, her recovery from arthritis, her reversal of bone density loss, her fast recovery after competitions …..

She is in the film ” Forks Over Knives” too.

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Says it all!




96-year-old runner and her 60-year-old daughter

“Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.”




I want to be like this woman when I get older—I don’t ever want to stop!

Something we can all admire and aim for.

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